".... Most people walk upon the Earth....
The Scout walks within the Earth....
The Scout protects & blesses the Earth with each step....
In return the Earth blesses & sustains the Scout...."

Grandfather - 1960

Hidden Shelter, Safe Sanctuary


The Hidden Shelter and Safe Sanctuary class is just that. All of you remember when I told you that if you stayed with the Tracker School to the Expert Level of Survival, you would learn from me the 232 primitive animal traps that Grandfather taught me. However, there are also 86 man traps that are not included in the animal trap number and during the Scout Class I only can teach a few of these many traps. Needless to say, that I am worried that they might never be passed on and preserved for future generations and subsequently they become one of the many focal points of this class. My intent is to teach as many of those traps as I possibly can along with the set up and psychology behind each of them.

But the traps are only one of the many aspects and elements involved in this very detailed and intense class. I want to take you through how the Scouts made invisible encampments and shelters, how they erased their existence from the landscape, and went about their mission in a “High Speed Invisible Survival”, way that has become the hallmark of all this is Ancient Scout. Here in this class, I will show you many more shelters, invisible fires, extreme camouflage and movement and a long list of other skills and techniques that I have never taught before. We will also go deep into the realms of Scout Psychological Warfare more intense and expansive than I’ve ever gone before. No class has ever come close to what is going to be learned in this very intense week of teaching.

Prerequiste: Standard

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