"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

Hidden Shelter, Invisible Sanctuary


Imagine a post collapse setting where you are forced to run, hide, and remain invisible to the many enemies that lay in wait for you or are searching for you and your family. How do you build a shelter that is hidden and nearly invisible to the untrained eye? How do you protect the perimeter so that it would be difficult for someone to enter your compound? How do you make an early warning system that can’t be detected by the trespasser but easily known to you and in the worst case scenario, how do you set up traps that will slow down, hamper, and otherwise deter anyone trying to get to you and your family? And how can you strike fear and apprehension into trespassers through mind games and psychological warfare? These and many other questions will be answered during the Hidden Shelter/Invisible Sanctuary on line workshop.

This class actually began as a request from more than one of my Coyote Thunder members as well as many graduates of the Scout Classes. During the Scout Class, I teach several of the traps that the Scouts would use in and around their encampments but never venture further than those few traps. So many Scouts wanted to know more and subsequently this class will give everyone more of not only the Scout man traps, but also many of the other devices, techniques and skills they used to protect their encampments and the clan villages. In a way this will be a fun class with a deep look into how the Scouts would camouflage and protect their camps, leaving you in awe of their methods and mind games they so skillfully played on their enemies.

Prerequiste: None

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