".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Keepers of the Force


Here is yet another class that I’ve wanted to teach for a very long time. The Keepers of the Force deals with the many teachings, communication and power of the Spirit that moves in and through all things. As you know Grandfather used the Tao term “life Force” or “force” which is extremely similar the “Spirit that moves in and through all things.” When you think about the complexity and dynamics of such a vast place of the Force it is so easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Grandfather told us to imagine that all at once we could hear every radio station and all other forms of electronic communication. It would be so intense and overwhelming that we couldn’t understand any of it. And that is where the Keepers of the Force comes into play.

The Keepers of the force is like Grandfather’s description of the Force like that of hearing every radio station all at once. As I said it would be overwhelming and beyond understanding. Grandfather then told us that the Keepers of the Force are much like a radio in the overwhelming magnitude of hearing every radio station all at once. With a radio you can tune in just one station and adjust the volume. All other radio distractions are cut out. Well, the same happens in the Force where all of the intense and overwhelming energy of the Force is then fused into one energy source or Keeper which we can communicate with easily.

This class will completely change your level of awareness and life for it takes the intense magnitude of the Force and distills it down to one simple element or Keeper. I know that for me when I first heard about the Keepers form Grandfather and learned to use the teachings it opened up a whole new universe and intense relationship with the Earth and all things of the Earth.

Open to all Tracker students who have completed either Philosophy 1 or Temples of the Soul

Prerequiste: None

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