".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

Mind and Body Control


In the Mind/Body control class, I will approach it much the same way that Grandfather taught me. It is not just how to accelerate healing time, endure extreme heat, cold or horrific conditions, but also how to use its many disciplines in every day life. We will enter the world of intense focus, living in the NOW, transcend limitations in the mental, physical, and emotional reality, and actually give you a very clear path to not only reach your highest physical and spiritual potential, but go well beyond it in every aspect of your life and Vision. Not only will these skills be essential in a life or death survival situation but in your everyday life, both physically and spiritually. Most of all the Mind/Body control experience will better prepare you for the horrific future we all face, where you will learn to become a very stabilizing and comforting influence for your family and loved ones.
Prerequiste: None

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