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Grandfather - 1958

Journey to the Sacred Areas


When I write a book, the first thing I do is decide what I want to teach, then I go back and re-read my journals, and finally I will physically go back to the area where it happened and spiritually re-live the event. Only then do I know that I can truly tell the story with all its power and meaning.

So, when my book “The Tracker” first came out 30 years ago, lots of folks close to me said, “Hey Tom, take us to the sacred places you mentioned in your book.” And I did.

For a weekend I took them to the Medicine Cabin, the garbage dump where I laid Tommy down as a baby, and various other places, and we simply let the days and nights unfold. Over the course of 48 hours we visited these sacred areas by day, while at night we’d sit around the fire and I’d tell stories of what these places were all about and how instrumental they’ve been to my life. It was awesome – but it was only a weekend, and it was three decades ago!

Now I want to take an entire week and travel through the Pines and the areas closest to my heart, with a whole new group of folks. Yes, we’ll visit the Medicine Cabin and the garbage dump, but we’ll also have the time to truly explore so many areas that I’ve never shared with anyone.

We’ll travel light so we can move freely and have the energy to truly enjoy these magnificent places that are so meaningful to Grandfather and me.

Now’s the time for me to open my heart and share these places and their stories – I hope to see you there.

Dates: February 3-9, 2008

Prerequisite: Standard, Phil I

Class Size: Max 50 students

Fee: $899
Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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