".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

Art of Storytelling


When Grandfather told a story, you were right there! And native people throughout the world have been sitting in front of the “cavemen’s TV” - the campfire - perfecting the art of storytelling, to entertain, educate, and enlighten, since the beginning of time.

The detail of these living stories was so impressive, the emotions were real – and realizing that whether it is a parable, a myth, or a story that happened to you in your own life, there is a beautiful art form to it.

In almost every culture there were storytellers that would travel form clan to clan, village to village, telling their stories and passing on their heritage. And being able to convey information and emotion like that is so very important. The right mindset and inspiration can turn even the most commonplace occurrence into a grand story of its own. Words have enormous power – they have a presence that is palpable and real.

This class is for parents, teachers, and anyone else, who wants to use the beauty of our language and the breadth of our emotions to move and inspire those around them.

This class will also include many real stories that Grandfather told me about Apache Scouts, survival, tracking, and about his life and wanderings – so much of which I’ve not been able to write before.
Prerequiste: Standard

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