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Flint Knapping Workshop


Flint Knapping Workshop


Course Outline

Stone, surprisingly useful and beautiful in its natural state, is one of the most essential yet often overlooked tools available when it comes to survival. A naturally fractured rock becomes a simple knife. A simple unworked flake, struck from a flint core, served to scrape split maple withes for basketry or to finish the smoothing of a bow.

This workshop will take you back in time to learn the ancient skills of stone tool making.

Each student will begin with a hunk of rock, with no visible use, and turn it into one of the most important survival tools ever invented. And you will be introduced to several techniques and materials that will unfold a world of possibilities for the beginning or intermediate flint knapper. Focusing on the seven stages of reduction, starting with the raw materials and finishing with a useable tool, will help you to understand how various types of stone tools evolved over the course of time.

Dates: October 12-14, 2007

Prerequisite: Standard

Class Size: Max 14 students

Fee: $450
Prerequiste: Standard

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