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Grandfather - 1958

Bowmaking Workshop


Bow Making Workshop


Course Outline

From the 28 kinds of primitive bows that Grandfather taught, the one we’ll start this series with is the “self-bow”, often thought of as the simplest, and most prevalent. During this workshop students will participate in the ancient fine art of bow making; learning to delicately carve and shape a single piece of wood into this beautiful and supremely efficient survival tool.

During this workshop students will learn and experience all the steps in making a self-bow:

· tree selection

· harvesting

· design, shaping

· tillering

You will also learn how to make strings, and if there is time, we will demonstrate how to make arrows as well. You may want to bring some arrows to test out your final product.

Dates: October 6-9, 2007

Prerequisite: Standard

Class Size: Max 14 students

Fee: $450 workshop; $50 material fee
Prerequiste: Standard

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