".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

Stalking and Movement


The spiritual side of our physical selves is a blessed mystery. I often say that “Grandfather moved like a prayer with each step blessing the earth.” Stalking is so much more than a physical act; it is like a shadow sliding across the ground, where it doesn’t stir a single leaf.

We are all capable of such beauty and oneness with earth mother. The indigenous people of all cultures looked at the way animals moved so stealthily over the earth and learned to know those ways and to mimic that. Grandfather taught me that each of these skills is a physical form of spiritual worship. This class will focus on meditation and movement, as well as the history of the praying mantis, the kit fox, and all of the other animals the world over, that have taught us some part of stalking and this amazing gift that was given to the Native Americans.
Prerequiste: Standard

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