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Grandfather - 1961



We’ve got a brand new series of intensives that I am very excited about. For 30 years I’ve been teaching our “Standard” class, which in a single week, can only provide a brief glimpse at the seven core tracks that Grandfather taught me: Philosophy, Healing, Teaching, Vision, Scout, Survival and Tracking.

For years I’ve wished I could make the time to teach these skills more fully; to pass down these skills to you the way that Grandfather passed them down to me. I wanted to treat each one with the respect and honor it deserves, because each skill has a deeply spiritual meaning and comes replete with its own mythology, associated stories, etc. So, now I’m finally doing it.

I can’t explain it all here – there’s simply not room. Let me just say that the skills I’ll be covering were sacred to Grandfather and are truly sacred to me as well. And each and every one of these skills is a physical form of true spiritual worship. All of these intensives will go well beyond the scope of any of our regular classes. I’ll be adding more physical and spiritual elements – including songs, prayers and chants that I haven’t had the chance to teach until now.

Grandfather entrusted me with the invaluable gift of his knowledge, but I am only one man, and with the epic nature of these intensives, I invite you, I need you, to help me preserve these sacred truths and pass them on. I need you to become the “keepers” of these sacred skills, and all that is associated with them.

One great example of what I’m talking about is the bow drill, which some of you have certainly heard me discuss before, but not like I will in this course. Grandfather taught me that the Bow drill is, in itself, a representation of the Story of Creation.

In other words, the handhold symbolizes the Creator and the pressure that is put upon us by daily life – it’s a good pressure…one that ultimately brings fire into our beings.

The Bow symbolizes the spirit-that-moves-through-all-things.

The Spindle is the symbol of the male, the masculine form, and the fireboard is the female or feminine. Of course, from all of these elements comes the coal, which is the child, our future.

So, in preparation for these courses, review your Standard notes and then relax, no one’s going to judge your physical prowess, but we’ll get the chance to enjoy working intimately with the physical as we explore the depths of the spiritual together. Only 12 people will be allowed in any course, so sign up fast if you’re interested.

The Intensives are:

1. Shelter – July 28 - 30

2. Water – August 25 – 27

3. Fire – September 1 - 3

4. Food – wild edible plants – September 22-24

5. Food – medicinal plants – September 29 - 1

6. Food - the sacred hunting – November 3 – 5

7. Food – sacred fishing – November 10 - 12

8. Pottery and Baskets –December 1 - 3

9. Stalking & movement – December 8 - 10

All good medicine,

Prerequiste: Standard

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