".... Live a vision driven life...."

Grandfather - 1968

Living the Sacred Silence


One of the most difficult rituals, philosophies, and powers to master is how to live the Sacred Silence every day of our lives. Even as Tom teaches this skill in the Philosophy Classes he find that students drift in and out, much like a ride on a roller coaster. Grandfather taught Tom and Rick how important it was to keep an even flow, cadence and consciousness as they locked themselves deeply into the Sacred Silence every moment of every day. By learning how to do so in your own life, you will begin to realize how much of life, both force and spirit, you have been missing up to this point. You to can learn to walk, to live, the way Grandfather lived, always within the Sacred Silence; for there is a dynamic way, a teaching, that will get you there.
Prerequiste: Philosophy 2

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