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Course Series Overview

Survival, to Grandfather and to me, is a philosophy unto itself. With years of living close to the earth, without the umbilical cord of society, I understand a certain "oneness" that only knowledge of suvival can bring. When I think of modern man entering the wilderness, I see a scenario much like an astronaut landing on the moon. So also when man enters the woods. He carries with him his backpack full of provisions, a sort of lifeline back to society. Both the man on the moon and the man in the woods are severely dependent on that lifeline; life without it would mean certain death. There is also a further insulation from the earth by heavy clothing and shoes, outer garments and tents; all to "protect" man from the spleindid forces of nature. And their fears of being separated from the lifeline, whether conscious or not, keeps them close to the burdens of life. Survival is more than just and insurance policy. With the practice of survival one begins to relax into the earth, to learn its rhythms, to blend in balance and harmony with all things.

-- The Vision

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Tomahawk Extravaganza!

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While it’s technically not a primitive weapon, the tomahawk holds a special place in the heart of any true throwing arts practitioner.

During this three-day class with T3, students will experiment with new throwing techniques and explore the ins & outs of the tomahawk and various other full size axes. Participants should bring at least 2 cold steel Frontier Tomahawks to class.

Dates:   Thursday – Saturday July 25, 26, 27, 2008

Student Limit:   14

Course Prerequisites  Standard

Class is held at the Tracker Primitive Camp

Cost:  $200