".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

Temples of the Soul 2


Not a handful of months ago I began to realize that many of my students were more than ready to take the next step toward Grandfathers highest levels of spiritual teaching. Noting the fact that in all of my classes one would rarely see a quote from Grandfather after 1963 I said that was because all of the classes thus far held at the main stream Tracker School have never entered the teachings in the late years I spent with Grandfather. The reason for this was that the spiritual teachings of Grandfather in the early years focused on the Spiritual aspects of life. All of the skill, teaching and techniques found in those early years were to awaken our spirits and introduce us to a world far beyond the limitations of the flesh. Basically it was the Way of the Spirit that was the focus on the first 5 years with Grandfather so from the time I met him in 1957 to mid 1963 his teaching focused fully on our spiritual development. It was then in 1963 that Grandfather introduced us to the vast and powerful world of the Soul. From the moment he introduced the powers of the Soul, The Temples of the Soul, our spiritual skills and knowledge grew in exponents and grew to a staggering level of proficiency. To us it became a whole new world, a whole new way of living, seeing, and existing. It was Grandfather”s world at its most powerful and most miraculous.

As I said to several higher level Philosophy Classes, the Temples of the Soul Classes will go the same way as the Philosophy Classes in the years to come. As you see from the class schedules I do a series of Philosophy Classes from 1 to 9 and the Temples will follow in that same way. There is no way that I can adequately explain the Temples of the Soul class to anyone who has not had the first Temple Class coming up this fall for until you graduate the first class you could not understand the language nor the teaching found in this second level class. In reality, Grandfather had to build a firm foundation of spiritual training and techniques before he could even begin to introduce the intense teachings of the Temples of the Soul. Now, with the accelerated disintegration of life on this Sacred Earth as we now know it to exist the profound importance of the Temples series becomes crucial to all those seeking the path of light and enlightenment. Mid way through the first Temples class I can then fully explain the Temples II phenomenon.
Prerequiste: Temples of the Soul

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