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Course Series Overview

"First of all, the healer must be one with the Earth. He has had to find the time to understand himself through the eyes of nature, learning who he is and where he fits in. He has had to break down the barriers that keep him separated from the natural world so that there is no inner or outer dimension. His prime source of understanding and knowledge must come to him from the Earth, and he must realize that he is nothing more than a hollow vessel that the Earth uses to heal. He listens with his heart not with his head, and he truly cares for people. He loves his enemies, for he believes that no matter what you send out, so too will you get in return. His care toward the land and his brothers and sisters is a powerful driving force. He is not only a healer of people but a healer of animals, plants, and Earth. His power can be felt in the love he has for his patient and the faith he has in the Creator."

-- Field Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

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Wild Edibles Medicinal Plants

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Course Prerequisites

Philosophy 1

Course Description

Yes, this is the class that so many of you have requested for so many years. It is a class designed to enter Grandfather’s world of Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants. You will study the identification, collection, preparation, cooking, and eating of the wild bounty that is found in and around the Primitive Camp. The cooking will range from the most primitive methods to the most modern kitchens. We will study spices, teas and natural condiments, as well as blending and mixing plants to get the most health benefits and extraordinary new tastes. The medicinal section of the class will not only teach the basic medicinal qualities of herbals, but get into some of the more complicated mixtures, catalysts, compounds and tinctures. This class will be a grand study of Grandfather’s ways and the manner in which he taught Tom the science and art of herbs.